Thursday, December 4, 2008

Love Letter 3

Hey there Shuper Purchase!! :)
Love the idea behind your blog - a feel-good shopping-themed review site! :) As a big supporter of the sunny and smiley, how can I resist supporting this blog? Hehehe!
So, although I don't know much about online shopping and don't have much experience shopping online, I'd still like to give a shout-out to 3 of the online shops that I've bought from! :)

1) Dwotties - where Michelle Masri makes the most awesome pixel art pendants and clay art! :) In the picture is my favourite among the necklaces I bought from her! :D I don't remember how much it costs exactly (because I custom-ordered a bazillion pendants from her in bulk, hehe >.<) but it is still cheaper than most other stores that custom-make pixel art or clay art. :) I'm very thankful that this blogshop exists!
2) Ancient Orchids- I bought an off-shoulder "2008" shirt from this shop for RM25, and it's my favourite top to date! :) And the blogshop's owner, Eunice, was also really nice and friendly. :)
3) Ablinc - a few weeks ago, I was hunting everywhere for a bag that could be transformed into a handbag and a sling bag, and I posted up an enquiry on Diary of an E-Shopaholic's website hoping someone could give me some pointers. That day itself, I received an e-mail from Michelle (one of the owners of Ablinc) telling me she was selling the perfect bag for me. :) The asking price was RM70+, which was too high for me, but when we met up at the Absolute Bazaar, she sold it to me for RM58. :) And I love the bag so much!! :D I use it all the time - for uni and for shopping! :)

Ta-daah.. there you have it, 3 items I "shuper" love and want to thank the blogshops for! :)
Lots of love, and happy shopping to everyone,
Smileyface :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Love Letter 2

Dear SP,

I recently bought this pair of Denim Kill heels from Mezzanine Time. And it is even more gorgeous in real life.
I absolutely, shuper dhuper love it.
The shoes fits nicely and they are definitely comfortable to walk in.
I have always loved shoes from Mezzanine but this is my first time buying and it's the best purchase ive made this week. Oh, and the material of the shoe is amazing too, denim and really soft leather. <3

The seller was also very nice and friendly.
I would definitely buy form her again.

SP says: OOOOHH.. I so agree! :) Those 2 colours are just awesome together! :) Lookin' Good!

Love Letter 1

First of all, "Shuper" concept! Really something new which has never been thought before! Thanks babe!

Anyway, I'm Michelle Masri from TBB, my partner and I had just went to the suppliers today to get new stocks! And look what I've found?.........

Yes, we call it Slouchy Grey. And anyway.. I love this top so much! I even bought one extra for myself! Looks great when you want to look Korean inspired haha! Especially with a touch of F21 Beanie! I'd say if you want to look casual but yet eye catching, this is so the thing. I know I sound so hard sell.. ugh LOL! But well, the thing is that I LOVE the top I got today!!! :)

Beanie (Forever 21) ,
Slouchy Grey top (The Bouncing Bananas),
Stirrtini (The Bouncing Bananas),
Ballerina flats (Vincci) .

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We Love Shopping!!!!

Yes! A site just for showing off your shuper satisfying purchase!! It doesn't matter if it's a splurge or a steal! Just show it off if you love what you buy! The objective of this site is mainly to show off your buy, whatever it is! If you don't want to show off any pictures, that's fine too! You can just write a letter to your seller (especially if it's an online shop) or just write how much you love your buy! Anything from the look of the product to the great service the shop gave you! Anything!

Just one rule here: All comments and post are NICE comments. You shall not post anything mean or else, it wont appear :) If there are any comments for me to make this better, just mail me at...