Thursday, December 4, 2008

Love Letter 3

Hey there Shuper Purchase!! :)
Love the idea behind your blog - a feel-good shopping-themed review site! :) As a big supporter of the sunny and smiley, how can I resist supporting this blog? Hehehe!
So, although I don't know much about online shopping and don't have much experience shopping online, I'd still like to give a shout-out to 3 of the online shops that I've bought from! :)

1) Dwotties - where Michelle Masri makes the most awesome pixel art pendants and clay art! :) In the picture is my favourite among the necklaces I bought from her! :D I don't remember how much it costs exactly (because I custom-ordered a bazillion pendants from her in bulk, hehe >.<) but it is still cheaper than most other stores that custom-make pixel art or clay art. :) I'm very thankful that this blogshop exists!
2) Ancient Orchids- I bought an off-shoulder "2008" shirt from this shop for RM25, and it's my favourite top to date! :) And the blogshop's owner, Eunice, was also really nice and friendly. :)
3) Ablinc - a few weeks ago, I was hunting everywhere for a bag that could be transformed into a handbag and a sling bag, and I posted up an enquiry on Diary of an E-Shopaholic's website hoping someone could give me some pointers. That day itself, I received an e-mail from Michelle (one of the owners of Ablinc) telling me she was selling the perfect bag for me. :) The asking price was RM70+, which was too high for me, but when we met up at the Absolute Bazaar, she sold it to me for RM58. :) And I love the bag so much!! :D I use it all the time - for uni and for shopping! :)

Ta-daah.. there you have it, 3 items I "shuper" love and want to thank the blogshops for! :)
Lots of love, and happy shopping to everyone,
Smileyface :)

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